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Established in 2016, St Cyrus Solos Running Club has grown to be a very popular group in South Aberdeenshire. Teamwork, fun and no fear of hills are the hallmarks of St Cyrus Solos Running Club. 

We carry out a variety of running training, from plods to sprints and hill sessions.  Our sessions are sociable and we alter them to suit everyone so that we all get the most from each run. At present we have a variety of members, from plodders to marathon runners.

The club is affiliated with ARC, so members will have a personal affiliation number and be affiliated to the club. This affiliation entitles you to discounted rates any many races.  

Joining the St Cyrus Solos couldn't be any easier, whether you're a beginner or experienced running, we would be delighted to have you along. You can run with us for a couple of weeks (we think four sessions are about right to make up your mind) to see if group running is your thing, with no obligation to join. If you enjoy the club atmosphere, then you can sign up and become a member.  Membership is £15 annually.  How often you run with us, whether it be a few times a year or every session, is completely up to you.   

                                                 Join the St Cyrus Solo's Here .  

The solos meet twice weekly - Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 1930, at the St Cyrus Village Hall. 

We previously had a "column" in the St Cyrus Village newsletter, which can be found Here

Please find all our latest updates on our Facebook page 

If you have any questions, or fancy joining us, get in touch.




St Cyrus Solos Facebook page  

Meeting point:
St Cyrus Village Hall
Main Road
St Cyrus
DD10 0BU

Membership Benefits 

As well as a discount on running events through Scottish Athletics affiliations, our members can also take advantage of:

10% off products at Run4It.  Please let them know you are a member of the club at the check out.

15% off products at Cotswold outdoor, Snow Rock and Runnersneed.  Contact Vicki for the code.

Check out drone footage of a run we often have down the beach, beautiful views and refreshing sea air.

Check out our group run stats on Strava.

St Cyrus Solos
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